Learning 6.5: ScienceWord 6.5, Class 6.5, Skill 6.5 and Symtone

A pack of revolutionary working tools for science education
Learning 6.5 is a complete set of computer applications for education with awesome innovations.
The ease of use and capabilities of the package make it possible to create animated and vivid interactive learning objects for almost all subject matters in nature sciences to be taught to students.
  Its integration at a minimal cost, of scientific knowledge processing and presentation technology with multimedia and internet technology significantly improves online learning experiences and results.
Learning 6.5 is built on a totally new concept, equipped with a natural and sophisticated technological working environment that enables convenience, flexibility and creativity.
It is an irresistible 4-in-1 package that facilitates Content Development, Content Presentation, Content Delivery, and Assessment for teaching, learning, and training.