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Learning 6.5 System

An effective solution to the challenges facing science education in terms of editing, teaching and assessing scientific knowledge both in the classroom and online

The Learning 6.5 system is a combination of network technology and a revolutionary and versatile software suite that not only facilitates the creation and operation of a digital virtual schools, but also the processing of any type of scientific document, the design of all kinds of presentation or science teaching slides, and distance learning and assessment involving various applications of mathematical sciences using a computer.

What’s more, Learning 6.5 system demystifies and popularizes the production of dynamic, interactive learning objects that make knowledge fun to learn and easy to understand. The transition from traditional classroom teaching to online learning is seamless, using the same formats for teaching resources. Teachers can easily create their own online classes and manage their courses and assessments. They don’t need an assistant.

The software suite includes: ScienceWord 6.5, Class 6.5, Skill 6.5, Marking and Symtone.

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