1- ScienceWord 6.5: For typing scientific and technical documents and teaching

ScienceWord 6.5 is an outstanding software for word processing with unequalled features, long awaited by the Scientific Community.
This software greatly facilitates the processing and the publication of scientific documents
of all types.Contents created can be used for lecture in a teaching mode. The program also enables to create data base for test or exam associated with a variety of
attributes useful for learning management.

2- Class 6.5: For creating scientific presentation and teaching slides

Class 6.5 is a revolutionary, versatile, powerful and effective working tool that enables to
effortlessly create vivid presentation slides for science education.

The delivery of a scientific course is done efficiently and effectively in teaching mode
equipped with powerful whiteboard tools where the presenter can conveniently
add or remove elements of his presentation.


3- Skill 6.5: For performing test (or exam) on computer

Skill 6.5 is a very revolutionary program for performing test (or exam) on computer
through all types of questioning techniques including full answer made any kind
of scientific text (math symbols and formulae, chemical groups and equations,
analytic geometry, etc.).

It allows students to do homework and exams (created by ScienceWord)
electronically and provides automatic grading and summary report generation
upon the submission of work.

4- Symtone: For teaching and collaborating work over internet

Symtone is a distant learning platform that has seamlessly integrated scientific tools,
Instant Communication, Video technologies to significantly improve the experience
and effectiveness of online education as well as tutoring, with minimal requirement
for hardware and internet bandwidth.
Symtone can even open PowerPoint, MS Word (version 2003) and Class for an instant
distance public presentation over the internet.