Short description of the components of the Learning Suite 6.5

The software suite includes: ScienceWord 6.5, Class 6.5, Skill 6.5, Marking and Symtone.

ScienceWord 6.5 is an outstanding software for word processing that greatly facilitates the processing and the publication of scientific documents of all types. It brings to life: the most revolutionary, natural and flexible way ever of writing math formulae; the most natural way in completing geometric and dynamic constructions; a very natural and intelligible way of sketching chemical structures; a very flexible way of graphing functions in linear, 2D and 3D coordinates; it also enables the creation of electronic files of tests or exams that can be run on a computer.

ScienceWord is indeed the universal format through which the entire scientific community could easily communicate at all levels of education.

Class 6.5 is an awesome tool that enables to effortlessly create vivid teaching slides for science education and deliver lectures with the help of a well equipped whiteboard tools. The user at any point of his lecture, can insert a blank page, add scientific contents of all kinds, multimedia or dynamic learning objects from a library, etc.

Class is just a master piece of teaching technology that brings to life an effective use of ICT to deliver scientific courses

Skill 6.5 is a very revolutionary program for computer based test. It is equipped with all the necessary scientific functions for writing detailed answers or solutions in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, etc. using the keyboard. However, the student can just use a pen to complete an assignment or exam on a tablet or touch screen computer, more conveniently than on paper!

Marking 6.5 is a very convenient program for correcting homework on computer. This correction can be done with the mouse or a stylus (in case of a surface that supports the stylus). When the correction takes place with a stylus, everything happens as in the classic case of a paper test where you can circle the writing errors, write comments according to the actual steps of the scoring, reproduce in a very convenient way the traditional scene of the batch change operation. The graded assignments are released to each student in a given class in one click.

Symtone 6.5 is a real-time remote interactive teaching software that has seamlessly integrated scientific tools, Instant Communication and Video technologies to significantly improve the experience and effectiveness of online education as well as tutoring, with minimal requirement for hardware and internet bandwidth.
Symtone through Class, opens the 2003 version of PowerPoint and MS Word, for instant remote public presentation over the Internet.
The result is just perfect when both sides use an interactive whiteboard where it is more convenient for everyone to use handwriting. Thus, creating the lost classroom situation with additional advantage of saving all the communication at once

Physics lesson in Symtone's "Teaching" mode - A class of up to 500 students
Physics lesson in Symtone’s “Teaching” mode – A class of up to 500 students

Mathematics lesson in Symtone's "Teaching" mode - A single-student class
Mathematics lesson in Symtone’s “Teaching” mode – A single-student class

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Teacher's Learning 6.5 system web page
Teacher’s Learning 6.5 system web page
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