The 3-in-1 Learning 6.0 package: ScienceWord, Class and Symtone

New capabilities in scientific distance learning, presentation and classroom teaching
  Learning 6.0 is a very revolutionary package comprising three versatile software: ScienceWord, Class and Symtone. This package offers simple ways for:
  • Processing scientific and technical documents, using ScienceWord
  • Creating scientific and technical presentation and teaching slides using Class
  • Instant distant communication over the internet including audio, video, Flash, text, images and scientists tools using Symtone .
  The package also offers effective and efficient ways to deliver conferences or teaching notes at a specific location using Class, or over internet ¬†using Symtone. Each component of the package is embedded with tools that enable to perform:
  • calculation in the primary school format,
  • analytical geometry in line coordinate, 2D and 3D coordinates,
  • mathematical formulae and chemical structures,
  • experiment graphics in physics and chemistry,
  • dynamic constructions, etc.
  Indeed, the whole Learning 6.0 package is built in a totally new concept, equipped with a natural and sophisticated technological working environment thus, involving convenience, easiness, flexibility, accuracy and creativity. It certainly is the perfect package that ensures an effective integration of the use of ICT in education, long awaited by educators. In addition, because of its universal use, this package proves also to be a very powerful and efficient working tool for agents in government and professional sectors.